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Are you ready to cut through the
technology confusion and get clients
on social media?

The Social Media Secrets Club™ is the go-to resource hub for entrepreneurs over 50 who want results without confusion… But first, hop into the driver’s seat and get your motor (re)runnin’ by requesting a personalized Social Media Makeover with me!


Dear Business Owner,

I'm delighted you found this page... It's truly an honor to connect with you!

You’re in the right place if you’re finally done with the “technology confusion” that always seems to come with social media.

I know you are struggling right now and in doubt. You’re probably wondering if being successful with social media is even possible! It feels like Facebook, Instagram and all those other platforms out there are really just a big waste of time.

You're in the right place if you are feeling...

  • Frustrated

  • with attracting potential clients that “look, but don’t buy”

  • Tired

  • of putting yourself out there and potential clients not even acknowledging you exist

  • Lost

  • about not knowing who to turn to when those tough social media questions come up (Google isn’t always the solution!)

  • Confused

  • about what you’re doing wrong, and if you’re just wasting your time on social media

Don’t give up. You are so close!

If you schedule a personal Social Media Makeover Zoom session with me for $497, you’ll get VERY clear on your direction for the future, in addition to what you need to work on moving forward to bring in clients immediately!

There’s no catch. I promise you’ll learn SO much in this 90 minute session, that you have my personal guarantee. In just 90 minutes, learn the secrets you need to revamp your social media presence. Organically grow your business to get those leads coming through because of your own amazing authenticity!

Social media is an exciting place and it can take you anywhere you want in the online universe!

Let me be your guide to the big, beautiful world of being social…
I promise it really can be an authentic and supportive place for businesses.

Your current supporters will IMMEDIATELY notice the transformation in your communications.

Potential clients will say, “I’m so glad I found you!” instead of never finding you. Your new clients can’t wait to see what you have to offer them and they’re just waiting for you to draw them in.

All the while, you’ll enjoy being your authentic self while making the best choices for your business on each social platform!

This is possible for you!

    "My experience with Rose Caiazzo has been nothing but terrific. I came from a 'negative' experience in social media marketing and now feel like I can keep up in today’s world. It was like a college course, over several months of personal training, with Rose’s wealth of knowledge being delivered in a stream that I could keep pace and understand. I highly recommend Rose as a social media marketing expert and trainer."

    "Rose Consulting brought our business into the social-media limelight with her insights, instruction and knowledgeable tips of the trade. After Rose did an initial review of our company, she created a game-plan that was simple, reasonable and effective. So effective in fact, that other businesses now call us for advice and input with regards to our social-media savvy. Rose's follow up and client care was exceptional. We have and will continue to recommend Rose Consulting to other businesses in need of her skilled services."

You are NOT destined to struggle with social media forever. You just need a few secrets to be successful — believe it!

My name is Rose and I’m an energetic, sharp and resourceful woman. I’ve been teaching the secrets of social media since it began (when most people thought it was just a fad)! I’ve watched every single social media platform start up and grow into what they are now…

Although I can help people at any age, there is something special about working with people over 50.

Over the years, I’ve found there are limited programs online that are dedicated to helping business owners learn social media in this age range. Personally, I love training others and basking in their “ah-ha!” moments. And, I’m also aware everyone learns at a different speed - which is why I don’t sell plug & play systems.

My expertise comes from real world experience… Working in the corporate world for over a decade, and then starting up two businesses in the downturn after that in 2007.

Most importantly, my clients and I have extraordinary relationships filled with respect, kindness, appreciation, willingness to change – AND lots of fun! Everyone knows how devoted I am to their success on social media, and I’m often called a Social Media Master, Maven, or Queen (which can be so embarrassing to be introduced that way in public)! However, there’s no doubt the transformational work I do with people over 50 is my soul’s true match.

I am confident that you can cut through the social media technology confusion because I’ve worked closely with SO many clients over 50... including my mother, who was a successful businesswoman at 79!

Believe me, I can appreciate that the world of technology isn’t easy for everyone... but remember - I know the secrets to your success. Cookie-cutting just doesn’t do it for most people.

I know specifically what it will take to get you comfortable and doing social media on your own. I can save you wasted time, energy and feelings of overwhelm by showing you EXACTLY what you need to be successful.

The most important thing to know about me is that my programs are created with love. Each course is a tribute to my loving momma, and the teaching I do to help you is with her memory in mind.

She was my very best friend, and I lost her just before COVID hit in 2019. My mother was an entrepreneur through and through. She loved using social media to connect with friends and clients because I helped make it simple for her. And, she used it with great success.


Now, let me help you create YOUR life-long social media success story!

I want to invite you to get started with a Social Media Makeover session with me. This is your next big step towards attracting more amazing clients to your business…

Your Social Media Makeover Session is a one-on-one call with yours truly, where we will:

  • Uncover & understand

  • the biggest challenges and blind spots that are stopping you from feeling comfortable with social media

  • Hone in

  • on specific social media platforms that will attract your best client matches... then “set & forget” the ones that don’t!

  • Get the clarity

  • confidence and courage to focus on your sales message and get new clients now

  • Learn what it really takes

  • to attract a high quality client, and avoid embarrassing overshares that will repel potential clients.

Every single decision you make in your business is a step towards making social media work for you, OR a step away from it. Don’t wait any longer!

Don’t make your potential clients wait either... They are just as excited to see what you have to offer and work with you!

Do you want proven strategies that will attract clients for the rest of your life? Help them find you with a few simple tweaks to your social media. This is your next big step 🙌

    "Rose Caiazzo does what she says she will do - in style. Rose's in-depth tutoring in how and why to create a Social Media marketing campaign was perfectly executed, well delivered, organized, and clearly the result of much experience. There is no doubt that the successful leveraging of our new company's internet marketing is due to a diligent Social Media campaign, as taught (and coached) by Rose. We thoroughly recommend Rose Consulting to anyone who is considering consultation in how to use Social Media to boost their company's online presence."

    "My meetings with you concerning social art networking have been educational and enlightening. I can't thank you enough for your time, energy, knowledge and positive reinforcement as you reiterated the details needed for my understanding. Your professionalism, always accompanied with a smile, helped to underscore the current tidbits you imparted. I highly endorse you as an Online Marketing Strategist. Others seeking to advance their skills in social media management or to enhance their business sales and reputation would be hard-pressed to find another consultant as well qualified in all aspects of the ever-changing digital technologies."

What will I learn in a Social Media Makeover?

(Things you can’t ask Google, that’s for sure!)

You’ll not only learn some excellent secrets to implement… I’ll also help you change out some things in real-time, while answering these questions for you:

  • How is my overall online “digital footprint” looking?

  • Is my business performing OK across the social media platforms I’m on?

  • Which ones should I focus on, and why?

  • What visual branding and written copy can be changed to update my profiles?

  • Am I posting at the right time with the best content?

  • Can I do something to make this all more seamless? Help!

  • If you’re truly done with feeling completely overwhelmed and frustrated by social media, get in touch with me!As much as I shy away from the “guru” words and others like it - I am indeed a social media pro, and there is no doubt I can help you. Your business success is my business success!

    Oh and one last thing.

    Remember, you actually do NOT have to completely understand social media to be successful at it. It’s all about the secrets!

    If you’re tired of wasting time, I’ll show you a specific system that saves time (AND actually works)!

    I look forward to Zooming with you in a one-on-one session!

      I look forward to serving you in your “Social Media Makeover” session!

      With much love and vision for your success,


      PS: You don’t need to spend any more time feeling like social media is a waste of time. You really CAN get more clients on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, or any other platform! The people you want to work with are out there, using social media… You just need to know how to attract them to you.

      Be sure to click the button below for your Social Media Makeover, and get the 🔥 started under your bum and get this simple session to get your social media going!

      "I’ve worked with Rose for over 4 years now, and she is a very friendly and competent consultant. Rose has helped my company immensely via her efforts to provide us maximum exposure on several social media platforms. I would highly recommend Rose for any and all social media consulting needs. She will help you and your business grow!"

      "Rose has an in-depth knowledge of the fluid world of social media marketing and is able to present her knowledge and experience working with numerous and diverse clients in a fun and engaging way. She provides tools and suggestions that you can begin implementing right away to enhance your business' social media effectiveness. Rose is great to work with - she is punctual and reliable and follows up when she says she will. She also takes care to understand the needs and interests and unique culture of her business clients - she truly customizes her trainings and advice to her client's needs."

      "At first, I struggled with Facebook and had decided that it was silly and not necessary for our business. On my first call with Rose, she was totally able to turn my attitude about Facebook around. She even has me excited about posting, increasing our exposure and the marketing opportunities associated with Facebook. We were also very pleased with the quality of service her company provided. Merlin and I sincerely appreciated Rose's responsiveness and the way she conducted business."

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